Allan Wilson

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My formative years were spent in Crieff in central Scotland. After leaving school I went to Dundee College of Technology (which has now been reincarnated to Abertay University!) There I undertook an Honours Degree in Business Studies and five years later I graduated. During this time I became more and more interested in computing. As a consequence I signed up for a Post Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering. This lasted a year. Afterwards  I undertook a Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Northern College in Aberdeen. This allowed me to become a Computing Teacher! From there I went on Part Time Supply at a Secondary School in Fife. After a few years I then took a sideways move to a school in Angus and have been there ever since.

Obviously as I have grown older, I have learned much from my experiences. I encountered Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) when I was finding it difficult to deal with some bereavements. I liked the techniques so much that I decided to investigate further. This culminated in a General Practitioner's Certificate and then a Master Practitioner's Certificate in NLP.

My other interests have mainly circled around running which I have been doing for around twenty years. I specialised in hill running which allowed me to see countryside that otherwise I would not have been aware of.

Allan Wilson BA Hons Business Studies, Pg Dip Software Engineering, Master Practitioner NLP, Practitioner Time Line TherapyTM, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach.

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